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Most of the times when a project is happening we are caught up in doing various tasks from our to-do lists - writing e-mails and reports, organizing activities and what not. But sometimes it is also good to reflect and evaluate the project outcomes and what is going to happen next. The Branching out project team is thinking a lot about it at the moment.

Throughout the Branching out: (re)connecting ideas project we wanted to gather people and learn more on how to include refugees/newcomers in a daily life in our countries, cities and neighbourhoods; how we can deepen the exchange between different cultures and what we can discover from each others’ stories and backgrounds.

Pierre Ceresole could not imagine that his passion for bringing people together in almost impossible circumstances would remain alive for so long. He probably also could not imagine that his ideas will inspire people to revive communities and peace in same way like he started back in 1920.

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Here comes an end to the fabulous Peers to Peace project - the capacity building project in SCI. After Germany, Poland, Malaysia, UK and Greece, the final meeting took place in Belgium, next to the IS office in Antwerp.

Peers to Peace final Event 2

The International Secretariat of SCI is looking for an International Coordinator!

Call for a Tech Coordinator

SCI's GAIA MicroGrants Programme provides financial support of up to €500 to SCI activists to inspire and challenge them to organize projects on climate justice and sustainable living.

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